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Traditional Fijian Canoes in the Past

These photos show models of boats from the past of the Fijian people. Fijians use sea transportation to carry out various activities such as fishing, traveling by boat on long journeys. Even in war. Fijians had a great maritime culture in the past. Their traditions and customs describe how their ancestors lived in the past. They still maintain their existence in various traditions. Through these photo documents we can look back at our ancestors and their traditional boat technology and their social life in the past.

Fiji Islands. Canoes with sails made of braided Pandanus blades. 1920-1930s

Fiji Islands. My wife sitting on the canoe that will take us from Bau Island to Viti Levu.

Fiji Islands. On the Lami River, 1920-1930s

Fiji Islands. A little Fijian floats down the Rewa River on a fallen banana palm, 1920-1930s

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