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City of Bau 1855

Bau is one of the old cities of Fiji which is a small island. The city of Bau (Mbau) became famous in the 1800s. This city became the dominant power in Fiji. The people of Fiji in the past practiced cannibalism and when Christianity entered the island this practice was stopped. The name "Bau" is also used as a title, used as a surname and as a language name. The Fijian language itself is standardized on the Bau language.

King Pope's house on Bau Island, 1920-1930s.

Our host Ratu Pope, chief of the island of Bau and nephew of the last king, 1920-1930s. 

In Papua, there is the Rumbati kingdom which also uses the name Bau. The Rumbati people whose surname is Bauw have used this name for generations from the ancestors of their first kings. Is there a connection between the name Bau on the island of Fiji and the island of Papua? In-depth research is needed to find out.

King Pope's house on Bau Island, 1920-1930s.

King Pope's house on Bau Island, 1920-1930s.

Until now, Bau Island is still frequently visited by travelers and the Fijian people. Bau Island is historical evidence of the greatness of the Fijian people in the past.

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